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In the German capital of tech & innovation, our Berlin office is diverse, international and creative

Looking for an end-to-end digital partner in Berlin? Look no further. In the city where countless startups, hubs, labs and accelerators challenge the status quo on a daily basis, we stand out. Our team consists of some of the most skilled people in tech, design and business you’ll ever find, from no less than 23 countries. Our key clients include both multinational industry leaders and up-and-coming disruptors – Volkswagen, E.ON, Daimler, Axel Springer and FRI:DAY, to name a few.

Why Berlin?

The Berlin office was our first in Germany. After outgrowing its old office space, our team moved to the bustling heart of Kreuzberg, a colorful and creative neighborhood that’s easy to fall in love with. With so many lovely shops and delicious restaurants close by, it’s hard to pick a place for lunch!

The office itself is in an old industrial building, where our colorful meeting rooms are nestled within exposed brick walls and high ceilings. The pièce de résistance is our very own event space, where we regularly host events or enjoy our Friday team lunches, cooked by Paul, our very own office grandpa.

Contact Information

Futurice Berlin

Bergmannstraße 5, Haus 410961 BerlinGermany

Futurice Munich

Isarwinkel 1481379 MünchenGermany

Futurice Stuttgart

Kernerstrasse 5970182 StuttgartGermany

What happens before you join our community?

We want to make our recruitment steps as comfortable to you as possible. Instead of us asking all the questions, we want you to get to know us just as well, and work together with us to decide where you could best fit at Futurice. During the recruitment journey, you'll typically go through three discussion rounds and meet at least four possible future colleagues.

1. Getting acquainted

After we receive your application, we'll get back to you within a week or two. We will first have a relaxed get-to-know meeting with our talent acquisition team to introduce each other: we'll tell you about us and you’ll tell us about yourself, and we’ll both ask questions – the usual getting to know each other. You don't have to prepare for this step, so just come as you are. Typically this interview takes about 30–45 minutes.

2. In-depth talk

A video or on-site meeting with the team where you will meet another two possible future colleagues from Futurice. This time the discussion will dive deeper into your professional skills. If you applied for a design position, we'll have a look at your portfolio. With developers we’re hoping to see some of your code – be it your personal project or one of our home assignments.

3. Final discussion

The last step on your way into our community is once again a more general discussion to answer any remaining questions and learn more about your learning and career goals. If we already have a project in mind for you, we will discuss it here too.

4. First day

On your first day, we'll welcome you into the office and help you find your bearings. Your devices will be ready and waiting for you. You will also be assigned a FutuBuddy who is there to help you during your first weeks.

Make use of our various employee benefits

  • Wellbeing

    Futurice offers an additional health insurance that includes a range of different health services that are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance, as well as a mental health service including up to five sessions with a mental wellbeing professional per year. Additionally, we will sponsor 50% of an Urban Sports membership which gives you access to hundreds of fitness and wellness facilities.

  • Learning and development

    We are committed to helping you become a better version of yourself by offering mentoring, regular feedback meetings and retrospectives. We also provide other personal and professional learning opportunities, such as various courses and trainings and German language classes.

  • Mobility

    Futurice compensates your commute to work with 30 euros per month for public transportation. You can also lease a bicycle from JobRad subsidized by Futurice which you can use to ride to work, as well as on your free time.

  • Equipment

    You get to choose your personal work devices and upgrade them using your own device budget that accumulates each month. We also offer corporate benefits so you can get great deals on equipment and tech for your own use.

  • Flexible work

    We have flexible working hours and work in a hybrid setup with no fixed office days. In addition to the hybrid setup, you can work remotely from several countries in the world for up to four weeks per year, and get 30 days of paid vacation.

  • Company pension plan

    You have the option to participate in a direct insurance company pension plan which is subsidized by Futurice at 30%.

  • FutuCamp

    An annual company-wide event where all Futuriceans come together somewhere in Europe for a weekend of insights, inspiration, and fun.

  • FutuHike

    Get to know your colleagues and work at another Futurice office for a week. You could, for example, travel to our Stockholm office for a week and do your daily work from there.

Come as you are!

Much like the German capital of tech and innovation itself, our Berlin office is diverse, international and creative.

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